Employment Services for Employers

Looking to hire? Want to save time and money? Contact Start Me Up Niagara today.

No cost to employer

Finding and hiring the right employee can be expensive and time consuming — no matter the size of your business. Start Me Up Niagara Employment Services will help you find the best candidates for your organization.

Employment Services are free. You won’t have to spend a cent advertising your job or pay commission to a placement agency in order to find the best employee.

We have job coaches who go right to the job and assist with the transition and the training hands on. Moreover, because Start Me Up Niagara clients have a higher than average retention rate, you won’t have to repeat your hiring process anytime soon.

Start Me Up Niagara will work for you during every facet of the hiring process: developing a job description, screening candidates, conducting interviews and providing job training. Why would you sift through mountains of resumes or disclose your contact information to every applicant when Start Me Up Niagara can send you only the best candidates?

Our clients are multi-talented, skilled and resourceful people – who happen to have a disability. They want to work and can do the job.

With one phone call you can save money, find your perfect employee, diversify your work environment and improve your corporate image. What are you waiting for? Contact Start Me Up Niagara today.